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  • Judul Buku    : Perburuan Takdir
  • Pengarang     : Andrea Cremer    
  • Penerbit        : Gagas Media

Okay I will give harsh critique about the translation, because I read the Indonesian translation, so first, I want to complain about the translation, it's just... SO HORRIBLE, really and I am thinking maybe  there are no editor or proofreader for this book,  because the translator seems using google trans to translate this book because there are so many wrong structure and phrases in many sentences I read. 

Alright let's review :
1. I must push myself so hard to read and finish this book, because it's not real fantasy, it's more about romance like Twilight, when a hormonal teenage werewolf girl cannot decide around 2 boys she likes. The Heroine here is called Calla, the author describe her as kick ass but what it showed on the story is more how she is so emotional when it about boys (and mostly anything involved her in the book are about 2 boys), I think maybe I'm just have high expectation about kick ass heroine definition. For me kick ass more than just tomboy, can fight or kungfu or become a leader of some groups. For me kick-ass it's about independent, smart and able to take control on a situation no matter how odd it is, I will give an example, I like Meghan Chase from The Iron King, she is not a fighter but won't mind sacrifice something on herself as long as she can help her little brother.

2. There are not really a real story in this first book. The story are more about romance and Calla's feeling (or hormone). Sure there are universe introduction about werewolf in this book (keeper, guardian & searcher), although it kind of weird and more like fanfiction (too much making up). 

3. Both Calla and Shay are annoying me in some point. Calla annoys me about her hormonal issue, please note I don't have problem with romance novel, I like love story as long as is not overdone or exaggerated and this book so much show how Calla's hormone take control rather than about her feeling, I think she even still confused about her feeling, and Shay annoys me about his free spirited issue, his free spirited attitude and rebellious just making him look like irresponsible character and that's what I see in him. No wonder many readers dislike Shay.

4. The last 100 pages of this book saved the story, I just felt the tense near the ending are the only part that wake me up. And too bad, the twist even just felt incomplete. I still don't know who is Shay's uncle, what about the searcher and many other questions, okay there are sequel but still some question should explain in first book.

5. Last, I shipped Calla with Ren. Funny thing here, the author told Ren as bad boy while it's shown the opposite, he is nice with Calla and will do anything for her.  

So far, I am not find any satisfying books about werewolf. Also note to myself, it's time for me to step up from YA romance with high school background, I think I'm getting too old for this kind of genre (a.k.a easily getting bored).

And since I used to say this book remind me of Twilight, so whether this is still a better love story than Twilight? Well this time I will said no. Because Edward and Jacob are better than Shay, well sorry, just my opinion.  

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