Kamis, 21 Februari 2013


Judul Buku    : Beku
Pengarang     : Maggie Stiefvater
Penerbit         : Gramedia Pustaka Utama

I'm so relieved can finish this book, because this one of a book where I must push myself so hard to finish this book. Actually if there are readers who said this is like Twilight but in werewolves version, I kinda agree. Well not really same but the story kind of similar, such as the girl is thinking she cannot live without her boyfriend and ignorant parents because Grace's parents didn't notice there is a boy who is living for a couple of weeks in their daughter's room.
Maybe that's way I find this book kind a bit boring (you know I'm not Twilight fans & I don't like cheesy teenager romance story such as first date, first kiss or even first sex). Earlier I want to rate 2 stars of this book, but this book deserved more star than Twilight (I rate Twilight 2 stars), because some of the characters are more interesting rather than in Twilight, the story overall better than Twilight even the interactions of characters more reasonable than Twilight (okay I will stop bitching about Twilight while review other book, it's jut unfair to this book)

I won't tell the story because this is romance novel, so you know the story it's more about 70% romance & 30% various thing such as action & background story of others characters, etc. But as Heroine, Grace overall is better than Bella. But if you ask me, I prefer Isabel to Grace. Isabel have more interesting personality rather than Grace. Well both Grace and Sam are okay, they are quite likeable,  Sam is the boy next door and Grace is a good girl, nothing weird on their characters.

I just recommend this book for those who love romance novel and sweet love story about star-crossed lovers such as Twilight or Hush.Hush (okay I admitted I never read Hush.Hush, but I heard it's like Twilight in Angel version) and another paranormal romance of YA.

But if your taste just like me, curious about human-werewolves (shape shifter) relationship & how their struggle with all their obstacles, just forget it, this book didn't offer something new & I'm not interesting to read the sequel.

But good point or credit about this book, I like how the author describe winter. Take place in Minnesota, a state in northern America which famous because of heavy winter in every year, she is so detail and gave feeling about winter forest, snow, the coldness and all, make me feel cold while reading this book.

And as usual, since many people compared this book with Twilight, so whether this is a better love story than Twilight? Actually it's a tie :D

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