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Judul: Eleanor and Park
Pengarang: Rainbow Rowell
Penerbit: St. Martin's Griffin
Jumlah halaman: 328 halaman
ISBN: 978-1-250-05399-2 (International Edition)
Segmen: Remaja, dewasa muda
Genre: Romance, Love Story
Rate: ★★★★
Special Note: Thanks to Indah for the nice gift. I really like it :D

He tried to remember how this had happened - how she went from someone he'd never met to the only one who mattered. 

I will try to write review in English this time and please forgive me for my mess grammar, as you know, my excuse because English is not my first language.

I really don't know where to begin. Frankly speaking I thought I already gave up to read YA romance (including paranormal romance or contemporary romance) since I haven't got any feeling to read romance lately. Not only YA, mostly romance book seems hard to get into my muse.  

This is the second Rainbow Rowell's book I read. The first one is Fangirl (click here for the review). Although Fangirl have nice story, but the story didn't appeal to me. There are many times I felt sleepy while I'm reading Fangirl. At first I thought it because the plotline kind of slow, but after finished Eleanor and Park, maybe I should blame the translation. Yes, I read Eleanor and Park in English, because the translation book cover is really bad, and I'm so choosey when it comes to cover. At first I thought it will be difficult to read in English, but actually is not that difficult, or in Eleanor and Park I don't find difficult at all and guess what? Reading Eleanor and Park in English make me want to READ MORE BOOK IN ENGLISH. 

Because who have thought I REALLY like this book. I really mean it, because I got some booklag after finished this. Not only that, my enthusiasm about YA romance has grown again. The characters and the story hook me up since the first chapter and  I don't feel boring this time although the plot a little bit slow in the beginning, but I really enjoy it, because it suppose to be like that. Slowly but sure.  What I like about Rowell, there are not instant love in Eleanor and Park or Fangirl. Their love bloom simply because they spent some time together and feel matched and comfortable with each others. 

The Bus Scene

It started with sit on the bus together, and they event didn't introduce themselves simply because both Park or Eleanor did not like each other at first. Park thought Eleanor is weird and the way she dressed kind of ridiculous. Eleanor just thinks Park was stupid Asian kid. And they both relieved no need to talk or even to look at each others. Really awkward. 

The comic books and the tape.

Park knew Eleanor read his comic and he open his comic book page more wider and turned the page slowly so Eleanor also can see it more clearly. Then Park lend his comic book to her, both still in silent moment.  After that Park always bring some of his comics to Eleanor and later make her listen music from his tape. And finally they begin talking.

I love how Rowell executed their interaction step by step. At first it's very subtle, then become clear one by one. As for the characters, same with the fans of this book, I really like Park a lot, I think I will choose him as my favorite book boyfriend this year. (Yes, I feel young again and in love with character like Park).  Just look what he did to Eleanor and what he said to her:
“My girlfriend is sad and quiet and keeps me up all night worrying about her.” 
“Nothing before you counts,” he said. “And I can’t even imagine an after.” 
 "I'm not proposing," he said. "I'm jusy saying... I love you. And I'can't imagine stopping..."
"Do you think I care about anything but you?"
And the interaction, I like when Park hold Eleanor hand and put it on his chest. It's simply romantic and sweet like caramel.

And for Eleanor. I know many readers don't like her. I think Rowell have some skill to write realistic but not-likeable female characters as she did with Cather from Fangirl. Well actually different with Cather, I tried to understand Eleanor this time. She came from broken home family and her house condition is like a hell with her step father as the main problem. Not to mention the poverty and how Eleanor always feel ugly about her looks. Big, fat and read head. So it's really understable if Eleanor always acts dramatic because she felt frustrated and never confident because of her family condition and her messy life. She just emotionally unstable and unsure the right way to express it. 

This book also talk a little about being Asian in USA. By the way, another reason I choose this book because of the Diversity in YA element. Park is half Korean and and white. He have Asian face with bright green eyes. 
"Nobody  thinks Asian guys are hot," Park said finally. He had to look away from her when he said it - way away, he turned his head completely. "Not here, anyway. I assume Asian guys do all right in Asia."
"That's not true," Eleanor argued. "Look at your mom and dad..."
"Asian girls are different. White guys think they are exotic."
 The Ending

Some people don't like this book because it's not happy ending. But as a fans of bittersweet ending, actually I like it. It's quite realistic than cliche happy ending. But I agree with the complain about Eleanor silent treatment to Park. I wish there is an epilogue. And the three words long, I wonder what is that? I personally assumed it's I love you since Eleanor never told that to Park while Park have already said it several times to her. But it could be something else too, I think Rowell give the reader to think with their own interpretation. They even have an own thread about this 3 words long on the goodreads.

Well, I end my review here. I really like it. The characters feel so teenager (compared to John Green characters which too idealistic and mature for teenager-IMO), I like because they are opposite of popular person (pretty cheer leader girls or handsome quarterback boy), both Eleanor and park are outcast. I got the first love romance story and even I agree with the ending. I wish someday, Rowell write a short story when Park & Eleanor meet again as an adult. No need novel since it can potentially dragging , I prefer novella or short story. And I'm looking forward to read Rowell's other works such as Attachment and Landline. Also I think Rainbow Rowell is one of the writers that the book should read in original language instead of translation. Not because the translation is bad, but it just have different feeling when read her books in Indonesian and English. I don't know why?

There Will Be a Movie

I heard this book will adapt to movie. Actually I prefer the book adapt for mini series on TV to movie. Because movie will be potentially boring since the plot kind of slowly in the beginning. But it will lost the touch too if the movie plot be accelerated. I don't have any idea for the cast and I guess this will be a challenge to find actors can suit them, especially for Park. Well, whoever got the cast, I hope the movie will do justice as the book.

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